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Teledermatology: the practice of medicine (specifically dermatology) by a board certified dermatologist or physician extender (NP/PA) dermatology specialist, with the patient outside of the clinic. All of these great #acne results can be achieved from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your own office or home!

Ashira Dermatology proudly presents “Teledermatology Success”

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These great #acne results were achieved by Dr. Francis via an online dermatology portal. The patient NEVER came into the office.

“Teledermatology represents the perfect solution for those too busy or too embarassed to treat their acne! … for a long time, I was too embarrass to go into an office and have a doctor stare at my face….” – Dr. Shani Francis, Ashira Dermatology

Now it is possible to get MD level, professional, medical care for your acne.

“This is a true evolution in medical care for acne” – Dr. Shani Francis

Amazing results that can be achieved with a series of teledermatology appointments

Ashira Dermatology is proud to offer, exclusive, online, video appointments for problems with the hair, skin and nails.

It’s easy to Book NOW for an appointment online with Dr. Francis. Just click the link above. Most insurance accepted.

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